Apple Berry Rustic Tarts


Ryan and I had one of those weekends. We spent time with family and each other. We ate good food prepared by people I love (and we, ourselves, made a delectable orange chicken on Friday night). Ryan woke up early on Saturday to make me an omelet, and we drove around Colorado Springs hitting up estate sales and garage sales while I munched on pancakes (yes, pancakes are now portable for this 32 week pregnant woman).

At this point in my pregnancy, I receive welcome and unwelcome comments and advice. For example: we met a sweet old woman at Mountain Mamas (a local natural foods store) who spoke about birth with such excitement that I couldn’t help but look forward to the day I bring Lucy into the world. She advocated swaddling, baby-carrying, and co-sleeping. I listened, grateful for her kind and joyful advice, while she scanned my milk and pink lady apples.


And then, on Sunday, while Ryan and I waited outside an old dinky estate sale, we met the father of Max (Max was a big and frightful two-year-old). Max’s father couldn’t stop talking about the stresses of parenthood. He told us where to buy the cheapest formula (Costco) and reminded us, yet again, that our lives were going to become very different and difficult in a few weeks. “But,” he finally did say, “I do love my son.”


So as I think about parenthood, I remember the importance of listening to that still, quiet voice inside of me. I think parenting will be one of our greatest adventures, and I know that we’ll make many mistakes and have many successes. There are so many opinions swirling around us, and at times, it feels overwhelming. Should we use cloth diapers? Should we co-sleep? How should we discipline? What role should media play in our child’s life? The list goes on and on.

But then I remember what Ryan and I do best: we love each other, in small and quiet ways. And I know we’ll be okay.


Ryan and I also spent ample time in our kitchen this weekend. He’s brewing kombucha, and I baked rolls and these apple berry rustic tarts. I’ve been experimenting more and more with natural sweeteners. These little tarts don’t require any sugar because a good drizzle of honey provides all the sweetness you might crave after a spring dinner. Even better, this crust is made with whole wheat pastry flour. It doesn’t detract from the taste or the texture of the crust, but instead provides a wonderful nuttiness.

These tarts would be perfect for a dinner party of four. Each couple could split one. Or, if you’re feeling particularly hungry, a dinner party of two.


Apple Berry Rustic Tarts

Whole Wheat Pastry Crust

1 1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 tablespoon sugar

1 stick COLD unsalted butter (organic, high quality butter is preferable)

Fill a cup with ice-water. You will use this to bring the pastry together. Whisk flour, sugar, and salt until combined. Dice butter and sprinkle pieces over flour mixture. Use a pastry cutter or two forks to work the butter into the flour. Stop once the butter and flour begins to look like small peas (it might look a bit uneven, this is okay).

Sprinkle 1/4 cup of cold water over the butter mixture. Use a rubber spatula to begin to bring the dough together. You might need an additional 1/4 cup water to accomplish this goal, but add sparingly, only one tablespoon at a time, until your dough forms into large clumps. Remove the dough with your hands and form into two small discs. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and allow to chill in refrigerator for at least one hour.

Apple Berry Rustic Tarts

2-3 granny smith apples, peeled and sliced into very thin pieces

2-3 large strawberries, sliced into thin pieces

1 teaspoon McCormick Ground Cinnamon.

4 tablespoons local organic honey

2 tablespoons butter

2 discs of whole wheat pie crust (see recipe above)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Roll out each disc into a 9-10 inch round. Arrange cut apples in a circle on the pie crusts, leaving a one-inch margin. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Distribute strawberries in the middle of the apple rings. Carefully fold the outside margins over the outside edge of the apples (you may want to do this on the parchment lined baking sheet). Cut butter into small pieces and distribute over the top of the fruit. Generously spoon the apples and berries with the local organic honey. Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the crust turns a light golden and the apples are tender.


Anecdotes and Apple Cores

34 thoughts on “Apple Berry Rustic Tarts

  1. Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

    This is such a gorgeous tart for spring parties, Monet. Thank you for sharing the precious peek into Lucy’s nursery as well! No matter how much advice you get, feel secure in knowing that nothing will teach you better than just going through the day-to-day motions of you new life with this lovely little girl. You and Ryan will be wonderful parents!

  2. mangiabella

    your love is ALL Lucy needs, the rest falls into place so divinely! This tart is so rustic and beautiful and reminds of the beauty of simplicity…her nursery is magical, I want to sleep there!!!

  3. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    1) I could see how all that advice could be overwhelming, but I love how sure and serene and just full of love you are :)
    2)I adore that these tarts are sweetened with honey, so perfect and simple and gorgeous and healthy!
    3)this nursery is making me get all “awwwwwwwwww!” with my big baby wanting eyes lol

  4. Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet)

    Monet — Miss Lucy’s nursery is coming along so nicely. She’ll be sleeping in that crib before you know it! My sister always says that you have to just go with your gut when raising a baby/child…your heart and your gut will steer you right. Just keep listening to that inner voice…it’ll never steer you wrong, sweet friend!

  5. sallybr

    Monet, next Monday I’ll be blogging on a recipe that uses a great crust you might enjoy trying. I will send you an email when the post is up – but it uses whole wheat flour, regular flour and olive oil – it was so nice to work with!

    Anyway, lovely post as usual – I have no doubts that you and Ryan will be great parents, don’t let “the outside crowd” interfere with what’s already in your mind and intuition.

  6. Julia

    I am exactly the same as you – always thinking of how I will be as a parent. At the end of the day all Lucy really needs is love.
    Those apple tarts look incredible. I have a bunch of apples waiting to be used…now I know what to do with them!

  7. honeywhatscooking

    I’m no parent, but everyone says you will just figure it out and know. the key is to lean on each other and lift each other when the other fails. it’s ok. i love that bag in the crib, is it a diaper bag? i would use it for myself. this tart looks so good.. i’m amazed by those who can bake pies and tarts from scratch.

  8. CCU

    Mmm I think I would die to eat this delicious tart my friend 😀
    And love the gorgeous nursery, it makes everything so exciting!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Kathy

    The only advise I would give you is to just relax, love and enjoy your beautiful baby…most everything else will just happen! And most of all have fun!! Love Lucy’s room!
    Your apple-berry tarts are so lovely and delicious looking!

  10. Jessie

    Whew, what a weekend you had! It seems like EVERYONE has advice, and I think you are exactly right that your love is all that’s important as you embark on this most exciting of adventures! I loved the glimpse of Lucy’s nursery – so adorable!

    Your lightly-sweetened baked good have been delicious-looking! This tart looks perfect for this time of year :)

  11. Jeannie

    Love the look of that tart, good to know that you are eating healthy:) Very pretty craddle, your baby is such a lucky girl:)

  12. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Yeah it can be confusing and frustrating sometimes because you haven’t gone through yet but don’t worry, you will not jump into some difficult times… You will start figuring out and grow together with Lucy! I won’t know what to do thinking about my kids turning teenagers, but we’ll have pre-teen days…so we can expect certain things. Same thing, we went through baby days, toddler days… slowly together with the kids. You two will be great parents! Look at the Lucy’s room! She has lots of love already from you two! What a yummy tart. Lucy’s going to be very spoiled as her mama knows how to bake and cook (oh and her papa too!)! 😉

  13. Joanne

    With any big life change like this you’re going to get a lot of (unsolicited) good and bad advice…but it seems like you two are taking it all in stride! These rustic pies look so lovely!

  14. amy @ fearless homemaker

    I’m all too familiar with both the solicited-and-unsolicited advice these days. =) And while i don’t always agree with it, I try to take a bit of wisdom away from each person … even when it’s challenging. =) These tarts look just wonderful – just my type of sweet!

  15. Lawyer Loves Lunch

    I think you and your husband are taking the wisest stance in hearing everyone’s wisdom but knowing that you’ll discover your own path. And like dozens have people before me, I’ll also add that it’s tough but it’s also the best journey ever (much like baking tarts, I imagine, except so so much more awesome) :)

    PS: Love Lucy’s nursery pictures. Hope you’ll share more pictures soon.

  16. Eileen

    Tarts, hooray! So pretty & rustic. And your nursery corners look soft & romantic & perfect for a little girl. I can’t offer any baby advice (uh, maybe “don’t let her get her hands on permanent marker anytime soon,” but that’s it), but don’t worry! You will figure it out. :)

  17. kitchen flavours

    Hi Monet,
    The apple berry tart looks wonderful, it has been awhile since I last had any apple tart.
    Lucy’s little cot sure looks very comfy!
    Both you and hubby will do just fine. Take care.

  18. TheKitchenLioness

    Monet, such pretty pictures both of Lucy´s nursery and the fabulous apple and strawberry tart – your writing is always so thoughful and insightful and it always makes me feel wonderful – you are such a beautiful person and I am sure, beyond any doubt, that you will be the most wonderful mother to Lucy!
    Lots of hugs from very far away (and then, again, not that far) and kisses from my girls (they love Lucy´s cot)!
    Take good care and have a lovely Wednesday!

  19. kate

    You guys are way ahead of the curve — you love her already. You’ll get to know her more every day, and you’ll learn how to be a family together.

    My experience indicates that strangers who corner you when you’re pregnant tell you horror stories, and strangers who corner you when you have a newborn, haven’t slept in a week, and are possibly leaking just a little bit, tell you to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT because you’ll blink and they’ll be teenagers, sneaking out and hotboxing in the driveway.

    Ignore the haters. You guys will be absolutely, wonderfully, fine. And both the room and the tart look beautiful, of course.

  20. Kiran @

    I think people should keep their negative opinions or advises to themselves.

    Thanks for letting us into Lucy’s cute nursery. And I’m very positive that you and Ryan would make wonderful parents!!

  21. Jacqueline @How to be a Gourmand

    A beautiful rustic tart Monet. You have decorated Lucy’s room in a very tasteful way. Don’t worry too much – at times it seems like everyone is an expert. I’m sure you and Ryan will through instinct and experience will learn how to deal and manage any obstacles that may come in your way.

  22. Marcus Brooks

    I chose banana and peach because I was feeling all summery sashaying about the kitchen in my floral summery dress, but almost any fruit, especially stone fruits would go well with this style of dish. Think stewed, cinnamon and clove-scented apples or orange segments (add some brandy if you’re feeling particularly fancy)… Or maybe even nectaries, pineapple or pear?

  23. Elnora D. Britt

    I chose banana and peach because I was feeling all summery sashaying about the kitchen in my floral summery dress, but almost any fruit, especially stone fruits would go well with this style of dish. Think stewed, cinnamon and clove-scented apples or orange segments (add some brandy if you’re feeling particularly fancy)… Or maybe even nectaries, pineapple or pear?

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