Maternity Pics


A pie for Lucy


A belly round


An afternoon fit for tea


The love of my life


A Strawberry and Blueberry Pie with an All-Butter Crust

_DSC9598 copy

A cup of tea and a smile


A lamb for her nursery

_DSC9626 copy

A book to pass the time


Eager anticipation


The promise of Spring


So much love


A HUGE thanks to Kadi Spurlock from

Up in the Sycamore

She’s such a talented photographer (and a great friend too!) I couldn’t be more happy with these maternity pictures, and I’m even more excited that she’ll be photographing Lucy’s birth. If you want to make the pie pictured above, follow this link. I added 1 cup of strawberries to the recipe (because you can never go wrong with extra fruit).


Anecdotes and Apple Cores

38 thoughts on “Maternity Pics

  1. Wendy Irene

    The pictures of you and your husband are so artistic and beautiful! Absolutely stunning. Looking at beautiful pictures is something I LOVE to do. It is stress relief for me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

    Monet, these pictures are absolutely precious! I know you’ll treasure them for years and years. You both look so in love with each other and your little girl that you have yet to meet. What a happy day that will be! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. SallyBR

    The photos are simply amazing! They have so much “feeling”, it is a huge accomplishment to the photographer who captured the essence of this beautiful time in your life, but of course, you both make it easy – the love just flows… :-)

  4. Helene D'souza

    Gorgeous pictures. I got into the whole feel and I am utterly inspired now. You two are such a great pair, you are going to be great parents, no doubt. =)

    mhm pielicious!

  5. TheKitchenLioness

    Monet, these are some of the most touching photos that I have seen in a very long time! I am truly moved by the way these amazing pictures “speak to me”…you are tugging at my heart strings, my lovely friend!

  6. CCU

    OMG you are huge, in the best way possible πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    You two are adorable!
    I am sooo excited for the big day for you!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Hope

    Beautiful you–both of you! Well, all three of you–four, counting the pie, which is a stunner! Enjoy the long weekend!

  8. Bonnie

    Perfectly lovely! What a treasure these photos will be for a grown-up Lucy!! Wishing you all the best as your prepare for your sweet baby’s arrival.


  9. grace

    holy crow, the two of you are too cute for words! does your fella actually do cross-stitch, or is he just playing? lovely pie, lovely family. :)

  10. Amy Tong

    This is a beautiful post! I love all the pictures. They are so lovely and so artistic. I wish I have pregnancy pictures as precious as these….I didn’t take too many pictures when I was pregnant though. :) I can’t wait to see Lucy’s birth picture (if you’re sharing). Oh…and this pie! Yes, one can never go wrong with more fruit and I can’t wait to make it tomorrow! I love berries pies!

  11. Beth

    Your photos are just gorgeous! (I especially love the one where Ryan is smiling at you.) The time is getting close now, and you must be so excited!

  12. john@kitchenriffs

    Terrific pictures! I particularly like Afternoon Fit for Tea one, and the one of you reading the Bobbsey twins book (I think I read them all when I was a kid – I had forgotten they looked like that until I saw the picture!). Great post – thanks so much.

  13. Liz

    What incredible photos…you will treasure them for a lifetime as will Lucy.

    PS…thanks for your kind note. I know you understand the pain of losing a loved one. xo

  14. Monica

    I love these pictures…just adorable and love the afternoon tea outside! : ) A very sweet pie for Lucy, too.
    And maybe one day, you can do a tutorial on how to cross-stitch (is that what it’s called?); I’d love to learn how to make something simple like that lamb! Take care, Monet!

  15. Joanne

    These photos are so gorgeous! you both look so happy!!! I’m so excited and just know that you guys and lucy will cherish these memories for years to come!

  16. Catherine

    Dear Monet, These photo’s are beautiful. You look very peaceful and content and your hubby looks patient and kind.
    Lucy will see how anticipated and loved she is and will be. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  17. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Your maternity pictures are so beautiful and you will treasure them forever! Your pictures will be all about baby from now on and it’s nice to have great pictures of you and Ryan like this! Love your heart shape top pie! :)

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