Parma Ham Egg Cups – Pass the Prosciutto

Parma Ham Egg Cups from Anecdotes and Apple Cores


I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a coffee snob. Laura watches Lucy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and I steal away to a coffee shop about a half-mile from my house. Now, I don’t do Starbucks anymore (that wise decision happened well over two years ago) but lately even local coffee shops have been letting me down. Once you’ve had good coffee (roasted within a week or two) and espresso (expertly poured) you can’t go back. Especially, when a bad latte costs as much as a good one.

So I’m typing while watching this barista in front of me steam milk. She seems like a sweet girl, and I know she doesn’t mean to be sloppy, but I want to snatch her up and place her behind a barista who knows what she’s doing. I don’t like this coffee shop, in fact, I’m growing to hate it, but it’s close to home (and my daughter) which means I’m here at least twice a week. However, in a few hours, I’ll go to my favorite coffee shop (with Lucy in tow) and I’ll enjoy a good cappuccino. For three dollars, I’ll taste the rich intensity of espresso with each sip. The milk will NOT be frothed into shampoo-like bubbles. Instead, it’s smoothness will compliment the espresso. Not overpower it. And I’ll smile (inside and out). Yes, I’m thinking about coffee way too much.

Parma Ham Egg Cups from Anecdotes and Apple Cores

So enough with this coffee shop rant. But when you spend so much time in the food world, your standards improve. Coffee is but one example. I’ve also become particular about meat. Ryan and I are conscious of the processes and additives that go into much of our country’s meat, and because of the often despicably low standards, we make do with less. Because quality is much better than quantity (at least in my opinion).

So when Parma Ham contacted me about featuring their prosciutto, I was happy to create a recipe. Because Parma Ham is free of additives and preservatives. Four ingredients go into their meat: Italian pigs, salt, air and time. And I promise you can taste the difference. Yes, you can buy a cheap ham at the grocery store this holiday season (just like you can buy another awful cup of coffee), but if you’re like me, you know that it’s worth it to find that which has been crafted with care.

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These Parma Egg Cups would be perfect for a holiday brunch. Easy and elegant, they’ll leave you feeling relaxed and your guests feeling impressed.

Parma Ham Egg Cups from Anecdotes and Apple Cores

Parma Ham Egg Cups

One package pre-sliced Parma Ham

4 eggs

1/2 TBSP olive oil

4 oz sliced mushrooms (1/2 standard package)

1/3 cup goat cheese

2 TBSP chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly butter four, 6-ounce ramekins. Line each ramekin with slices of Parma Ham. (I used about two slices for each). The parma ham may hang slightly over the sides of the ramekin.

Saute mushrooms in olive oil over medium high heat until soft. Gently spoon mushrooms into ham-lined ramekins. Carefully crack an egg into each ramekin, being sure to not break the yolk. (You may want to crack the egg into another bowl and then pour the egg into the ramekin…this ensures your yolks stay intact!). Sprinkle egg with goat cheese and chopped walnuts. Place ramekins on a baking sheet and bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes or until egg whites are set. If you like your eggs runnier, remove 1-2 minutes earlier. Serve warm.


Anecdotes and Apple Cores

43 thoughts on “Parma Ham Egg Cups – Pass the Prosciutto

  1. Dedy@Dentist Chef

    what a luscious delicious looking egg cup, i guess it would be look even better aout of the ramekin….
    parma ham is quite price here in indonesia, i guess you’ve just perfectly threat it!

  2. Ashley

    Oh gosh, I’ve turned into such a coffee snob too – probably why we usually just make it at home instead (I hate paying for something I don’t really love and we haven’t found our favorite place here yet). I love these egg cups! They would be so nice to enjoy for breakfast or brunch … especially for a change. Most of the time I just have granola and yogurt in the morning.

  3. Orchidea

    I love Parma ham and eat it often! I also agree with you about quality over quantity, we eat a lot of pasta in our family and now that after I tried a very good brand I cannot go back to the mediocre Barilla.

  4. SallyBR

    HA! You and my husband would make a nice pair! He is a coffee snob extraordinaire, and will be watching the barista like a hawk, ready to jump with “helpful, but unsolicited advice”. Starbucks is a last resort, he prefers never to set foot in one.

    and, it’s funny because “I” am the Brazilian and I could drink any type of coffee without problem 😉

    Loved this dish you made, so elegant!

    I leave you with best wishes for a nice day, and a little kiss to Lucy

  5. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    That’s what I always tell people…I’d rather folks pay more for good, local, humanely raised meat and splurge once/maybe twice a month than get that stuff that’s in the grocery store. This parma ham looks beautiful. Even I might be tempted to have a bite (bad pescatarian!!!)

  6. Amy @ Elephant Eats

    I’ve been thinking more and more about what I put into my body too, so I’m pleased to know there are meats without preservatives. Prosciutto happens to be one of my favorite foods :) These cups look like such a yummy and perfect little meal!

  7. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    Haha…I’m a total coffee snob too. So many coffee shops just don’t get it right. Sigh. :-)

    These are so cute! I’m hosting a baby shower in a few weeks, and these would be a perfect contribution to the food. I’m going to keep them in mind!

  8. Kate

    I don’t drink coffee often, so I’m really picky. I don’t do Starbucks, and at other chains I’m more apt to get tea. My favorite coffee shop isn’t even in the same county, so I rarely have that treat.

  9. Catherine

    Dear Monet, I love coffee too! It has become the new trend though I loved it long before that!

    These Parm Egg Cups look wonderful for any meal of the day!

    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

    p.s. Please stop by I am holding a giveaway!
    Thank you.

  10. Jessie

    I can completely relate to having higher standards – now Peter and I don’t bother with restaurants that we may have excused in earlier years. There’s just no room in our lives for terrible food! These egg cups look like incredible food! I love meats like prosciutto, and the way you included it in these cups is delicious :)

  11. Christina

    These egg cups look delicious. I love prosciutto. I feel like a food snob too sometimes, especially when I’m out somewhere and know I could have made something better in my own home.

  12. Marcie

    I’m a coffee snob, too! If I’m paying a few dollars a cup, I’m getting good coffee. I’m loving the sound of the Parma ham — I try to buy meat with as few additives as possible as well, so this sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing and I will keep this brand in mind. The egg cups look incredible!

  13. TheKitchenLioness

    Monet, oh that delicious cup of espresso macchiato prepared by an expert barista…pretty hard to beat! And your parma-eggg-cups look like a wonderful little meal in itself.
    Hope you enjoyed your evening with your friends and all is well!

  14. Becky

    I love coffee now, too. My favorite local coffee shop is about a mile from my house. It is like the local hangout for our little area and their coffee is wonderful. I love to go Luau!

    Your egg cups look so good, and a perfect for brunch, or even a light lunch. Hug Lucy for me.

  15. Shundara@SavyNaturalista

    I have never been a coffee fan, but I can tell you fresh meat and the stuff at the grocery store is totally different! I have not seen this brand at any of my local grocery stores I am going to half to check again. :)

  16. Zainab @ Blahnik Baker

    If I ate ham, I will be all over these cups. They look very delicious. However, I am with you on being picky. But with tea. After visiting a tea plantation in Indonesia, I’ve become an unapologetic tea snob.

  17. Jamie@Milk 'n' Cookies

    Monet, I really enjoyed this post! We try to be conscious of how our food is sourced, especially when it comes to meat products. Like you’ve said, quality is so much more important than quantity. And these egg cups look like the perfect way to showcase the lovely Parma ham!

    (By the way, I’m a bit of a coffee snob, as well! One of our local bakeries recently started selling Stumptown coffee and I am overjoyed!)

  18. Miranda

    Once you start appreciating good coffee there’s no going back. Come visit Australia. There’s lots of great coffee here!

  19. Cass @foodmyfriend

    What a breakfast! We have amazing coffee in Australia. Most of us are self claimed coffee snobs. I have a champion barista make my coffee every morning – perks of working in a small appliance company!

  20. Liz

    Oh, what a lovely, gourmet breakfast treat! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for Parma Ham…it sounds simply wonderful.

  21. Christin@SPicySouthernKitchen

    I’m not much of a coffee snob. If it has caffeine in it, I’ll drink it. :) I do like to buy high quality food products. We would definitely all be better off with fewer additives in our foods. I’ve never had Parma ham but it sounds wonderful. And your egg cups look amazing. Love the copious amount of goat cheese on top!

  22. Monica

    This looks like a delicious breakfast item I’d order at a restaurant. I love eggs and ham in all ways and this looks scrumptious.

  23. Laura Dembowski

    I have also become very conscious of what goes into my food and what I truly enjoy eating. If I don’t like something, it’s not going in my mouth. This prosciutto sounds like a very high quality product. I’ll have to check it out.!

  24. Jenny @ BAKE

    I see coffee as a real treat, we don’t have it at home, so I only get one or two cups a week. I was so excited to find the best coffee I’d had in a long time and couldn’t wait to take Dan there, only to be served the second time by someone who could barely tell a cappuccino from a latte. I was so disappointed! These parma ham egg cups look delicious! I can’t wat to try them out next time I throw a brunch!

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